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We’re Status Controls, industry leading control system programmers. We produce top quality applications for hundreds of clients for more than 20 Years. From start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises, universities, and government agencies.

Our core expertise ranges from consulting and technology assessment down to design and development. In all project phases the focus is on the highest quality and a close, mutually-trusting cooperation with our clients. We strive to better the AV Industry by putting user experience at the heart of everything we do, allowing your team to invest in what they value and less on process.

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Spectral Theme Our modern conference room GUI

The Spectral GUI was designed to meet the needs of our clients requesting a more modern minimalist GUI. This design works very will with small to medium touch panel in standard presentation spaces with Audio and Video conferencing. This GUI leverages pop up controls and status indicator message to keep the UI as clean as possible. As with all our standard UI templates we often find out the end users’ preferences and modify the design to fit the needs of the client.

  • Crestron GUI Cable TV Controls Cable TV Controls
  • Crestron GUI Laptop Laptop Presentation
  • Crestron GUI Video Conference Dialing Video Conference Dialing Controls
  • Crestron GUI Tech Naming Tech Source Naming
Spectral Crestron GUI Cable TV Page Spectral Crestron GUI Laptop Page Spectral Video Conference Dialing Page Spectral Tech Naming Page
Crestron Laptop Source Page Crestron Video Conference Dialing Crestron Mic Settings Crestron Shutdown Page

Anchor Theme standard tabs based GUI for conference rooms

The Anchor GUI is one of our standard themes developed based on accepted AV GUI design standards coupled with many years of experience and feedback from our clients. This GUI design works best on medium to large touch panels for standard presentation spaces with Audio and Video conferencing requirements. We often start with this template and modify the look and flow to match the need of the end user.

  • Anchor Crestron Theme Laptop Page Laptop Presentation
  • Anchor Video Conference Dialing Page Crestron Video Conference Dialing Controls
  • Anchor Mic Setting Page Crestron Settings - Mic Controls
  • Anchor Shutdown Page Crestron Shutdown Timer

Clark Auditorium Controlling Standford Bio-X Auditorium

Many of our project require custom graphic and design work. Our on-staff people have extensive experience working with end users to create a custom design that fits the needs of the client. Custom design if often required for many of our auditorium, operation center, multipurpose room spaces.

  • Extron Custom GUI Video Conference Dialing Video Conference Dialing
  • Extron Custom GUI Video Conference Cameras Video Conference Cameras
  • Extron Custom GUI Environment Pages Environmental Settings
  • Extron Custom GUI Recorder Control Recorder Controls
Extron Video Conference Dialing Extron Video Conference Cameras Extron Environment Controls Extron Recorder Controls

Our Team small team, big results

Our product focused team partners with our clients to produce quality experices fine-tuned to the details of your project. You’ll be working with a small, dedicated team built to fit the needs of your project.

Because we work closely with our clients, you will always be able to speak directly wth a programmer who is informed and qualified to address questions about your project.

Based In: Ellensburg, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Asheville

  • Al Mullings
  • Jason Suttle
    VP Operations
  • Zane Tedder
  • Eric Walters
  • Andrew Welker
  • Jared West
    UI Designer
  • Mike Bastian
  • Kevin Weddell
    Field Programmer

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