Your strategic partner for control system programming

Your strategic partner for enterprise control syst

We are control system programmers specializing in enterprise software development.

We are control system programmers specializing in enterprise software development.

About Us

About Us

Status Controls programming and service

The Status Controls team is made up of AV industry veterans, web developers, field technicians and coders- a diverse team with high-level technical skills and abilities. From Fortune 500 companies to military and government installations, we have the expertise and experience to provide top quality results.


Status Controls Programming Services

Supporting all your control system programming needs

AV Control System Design Review

Not sure what control system you need, our team can review your requirements and make recomendations or provide options.

User Interface Design

Status Controls uses industry standard UI design tools and processes for planning and building UIs for standard or custom systems.

AV Control System Programming

Status Controls has a team of programming specialist to create Crestron Simpl Windows or Crestron Simpl# Pro based projects.

Web Application Development

Whether your needs are HTML5 UIs or centralized facility level database driven event management, Status Controls has or can build the application to fit your needs.

Remote support

Status Controls programmers frequently work remotely with clients all over the world to support their control system progamming needs.

Onsite Program Commissioning

Status Controls has onstaff commissioning specialist for onsite deployment of your control system programs and web applications.


Support for all your AV programming needs

Programming for all types of AV control systems

Custom Crestron Programs

Have a unique space with unique requirements, Status Controls can create a custom program for your space leveraging years of experience building custom Crestron control system programs.

Standard Programs

Use a single Crestron Control System program and HTLM5 UI for all your standard system. You can use an existing Status Controls template system program, or we can create a Standard Program specifically for your organization.

All your Crestron Control system programs managed from cloud application

Ascent Room Manager


Seamless Integration of AV Control with all your devices and services

Office 360 Calendars
Teams Messaging
Email Notification
UI via QR Code
OCC Sensors

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